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Whether you are an owner-operator of your own semi-truck and trailer or you are a driver hired by a commercial carrier, you will want to have different types of truck insurance products to protect and limit your liability. Selecting the correct types of insurance products and knowing the difference between the different types of coverage available is important. All semi-trucks are required to have primary truck liability insurance. If you are an owner-operator it is your responsibility to purchase this type of insurance from your agent.

Drivers hired and work for other carriers will not need to purchase this coverage, but should check with their employers to know the amount of liability coverage they offer. Primary truck liability will pay for damages and injuries caused to another person as a result of an accident. This coverage does not pay for damages to the driver or for damages to the semi-truck, trailer or contents being transported.

Owner-operators will want to purchase physical damage truck insurance which will pay for any damages to the semi-truck or trailer as a result of an accident. Injuries sustained by the driver may be included in this type of policy or may require the purchase of an additional personal injury policy. You can discuss the exact types of policies you need to protect your own property.

Another type of truck insurance offered by insurance agents is called motor truck cargo insurance. This type of insurance product will cover the contents in the trailer should the contents be damaged in any way. Owner-operators will need to purchase this coverage on their own. Truck drivers hired to drive a carriers own trucks and trailers, may need to purchase this coverage should the contract require it or state that the carrier does not provide this type of insurance.

Truck drivers working for a carrier will want to consider getting non-trucking liability truck insurance. This type of liability insurance provides protection to the driver when they are off the clock and not working. Non-trucking insurance may be included under a general liability insurance plan which covers the truck when it is parked and not on the road, as well as vandalism and theft. Depending upon your insurance agent, you may need to purchase both a non-trucking policy and a general liability policy.

Even with all the different types of truck insurance products available to help limit liability and protect property, there is still another type of coverage available to add extra liability to you existing policies. This type of liability coverage is called umbrella liability and works as a buffer to provide extra liability protection. If you primary liability amount is $750,000, but you cause an accident and your liability is actually $1 million, then the umbrella policy will pay the different and prevent you from having to pay any money out of your own pocket.

You can find all these truck insurance products available at USA Insurance Brokers, LLC, by calling 724-274-6364. This insurance agent offers coverage for individual truckers as well as trucking companies to cover their entire fleet.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is available for all different types of trucking companies. Waste management companies will need this type of coverage to limit their liability as well as protect their property.

Low Cost Truck Insurance

Driving a semi-truck requires that the truck driver have a commercial driver license in order to operate these large vehicles.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Truck Insurance isn't an option. It's a necessity. If you own a truck or run a service that uses several large trucks then it's vital that you have good truck-insurance coverage.


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